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in town >> we begin with our hearts and minds still very much with those reeling and recovering from sandy's devastation. at least 74 people are dead in the region, dozens more lost in the caribbean. some 5 million are still without power. but life is starting to move forward, and after a day as comforter in chief consoling those who lost everything in new jersey, the president is back on the trail with just five days to the election. we're expecting air force one to touch down in las vegas in just a few moments, and earlier today in wisconsin the president regathered his campaign fight making his closing argument in this election and urging voters to say no to the purveyors of cynicism. >> they spent millions to stop us from reforming health care and wall street and student loans, and their strategy from the start was to engineer pure gridlock in congress. their bet is on cynicism. but wisconsin, my bet is on you. >> of course, wisconsin is a key part of the president's so-called midwest firewall, including iowa and ohio. states leaning in his favor that would hand him the election. even
on the upper east side of manhattan. he's not bothered about hurricane sandy. >> exactly. mayor bloomberg has done some good things here but also showed an incredible lack of understanding in trying to continue the marathon. you have some people here who have power, media power, financial power, political power, and they're looking at this and we're seeing how they view these developments. that's unfortunate what they think. >> i want to add something to that, because what i like about this i guess in the middle of the nonsense of political partisan ship is that it shows we still have it in us as americans when you see a democrat and a republican coming together from different sides of the aisle to solve an issue. we've had many issues. rrdless of who is president or not, there are issues in the economy, in the debt, and immigration, with the war, why couldn't we celebrate and see this as a sign of hope instead of trying to over dramatize it. it's really unfortunate, whether it is through twitter of powerful people or even us in the media, to not look at this and see the positive in it and tr
aggressive. >> is it wrong for one man to love another man? >> sandy could wind up being the october surprise. >> before obama got into the smithsonian couldn't mention global warming. heat, melting ice was just a theory. >> governor romney says he believes in climate change but he's not sure manmade changes are the reason. >> president obama promised to slow the rise of the oceans. >> i believe scientists. >> it was a monster storm. >> you can go even further and send it back to the private sector, that's even better. >> michael brown, in charge of fema, is criticizing president obama. >> brownie, you're doing a heck of a job. >> brown would have said more but he was busy responding to katrina. >> garbage, crap, and nonsense. >> you're watching fox. you're hearing about a state department, the cia does nothing. >> you are misleading the american people. >> at least we don't live in swing state hell. >> jeep, now owned by the italians, is thinking of moving all production to china. >> the biggest load of bull in the world. >> why do you say these things, mi romney? >> joe biden is using his t
comes of nothing, that way madness lies. but since then he's blamed hurricane sandy. he says the president somehow suppressed the republican vote. does he care about the republican party or is he actually more concerned about the fact that he may no longer be able to make million frtion docile republicans? >> i have been on record criticizing karl rove. look, i have no relationship with karl rove. i met him one time. i have never had a single business dealing with him, but i don't think it's right for someone person to have so much sway over the republican party. as far as i could tell, you know, the chairman of the republican party seems to work for karl rove. the nrsc, the senatorial committee, seemed to work for karl rove. that just is my analysis of it. now he wants to get involved in republican primaries because he says it wasn't his fault he had to run all the candidates that lost. well, i have two words for him, tommy thompson. tommy thompson lost wisconsin. tommy thompson was not a tea party candidate. tommy thompson is about as establishment as they get, and yet he,
at the white house after visiting storm damaged areas of new york following the impact of hurricane sandy and waiting for him as ever is mike viqueira who is there on the lawn. mike, let me start with this. what has been the white house reaction, if any, to mitt romney's gifts comments and explaining his shellacking at the presidential election? >> reporter: what are we only ten days out the election? >> we are. >> reporter: i think from a political standpoint, politics never ends in this town. they are perfectly welcome to have mitt romney double down on speaking for republicans. the whole 47% debacle that cost him momentum during the election. that's one of the reasons you saw a possible 2016 contender in bobby jindal quickly knock down those comments. other than that, i think there's sort of a what do you expect him to say. he's got to have some excuse to some of the donors that sent him thousands of their hard-earned dollars. jay carney was asked about this directly on the way to new york city. he held his gaggle. we listened to the audio in the briefing room. he cited things like col
to find a way for people displaced by superstorm sandy to nonetheless vote. what the state said is we're going to allow all those displaced folks to request and send in their ballots by e-mail. so they send the state an e-mail saying i want a ballot. the state e-mails it back. they vote on it and return it to the county. what the state says is that they've simply been overwhelmed with these requests. they can't possibly process them all. so here is what they say. you can request a ballot for the next 20 minutes in new jersey, until 5:00 tonight, but you have until friday at 8:00 at night to get that ballot back. so that means technically speaking the vote in new jersey will go all the way through friday evening. now, the election law experts i have talked to, martin, say they have never heard of anything like this happening. it raises an interesting legal question. federal law says that all the states have to choose their presidential electors the same day, and it says if a state flunks that test, there's a fall back, they can appoint their electors as the legislatures may direct. que
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)